Law Offices of Gevork Arutunian PLLC is a result-driven, New York State based law firm focused on matters relating to U.S. Immigration and Nationality laws.

We represent and have represented private individuals, international business executives, small businesses and multi-million dollar companies, in their ongoing and often complex immigration matters.

We are committed to offering our clients:

  • In depth, result-driven, immigration expertise
  • Effective and responsive legal advice
  • Absolute discretion
  • Services tailored to the individual
  • Consistent track record of success

Culture of excellence:

At the Law Offices of Gevork Arutunian PLLC, every day we operate at the highest levels of ethical and professional behavior. Our goal is to provide the best service and best value on every single matter we handle. Attention to detail is our calling, thinking multiple moves ahead is our habit. Every aspect of every case is scrutinized through a rigorous review process before it is submitted to the government. We take the time to understand our client’s needs, their business, and circumstances until such time that we are absolutely sure that we have information necessary to build a strong case. Managing your risk and providing results are always our top priorities. Our company culture really comes down to the fact that our lawyers hold themselves to a higher standard, and pride themselves on succeeding where others have failed. On a daily basis, we set extremely high expectations for ourselves, and meet them. As our client, you can expect to receive undivided attention and enthusiasm, the highest level of professionalism and absolute discretion in every matter we handle.

Result-driven practice:

We take a sincere interest in your matters and are proud of the close professional relationships we develop with our clients. The approach we take is based on our commitment to you, that in every matter we take on, care and thought will be invested into our labors on your behalf. Our approach is grounded in our genuine care for case outcomes. You can expect that your matter will be treated with responsiveness and responsibility. We work closely with each client to address their individual concerns and provide them with the tailored focus and individualized attention required to address their specific needs. We understand the importance of bringing each client value, therefore, our billing practices and work flow are structured to maximize efficiency. We understand the importance of building trust, which is why we place the highest priority on developing long lasting relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with specific solutions to address their needs. For us, running a result-driven practice means that our ultimate goal is helping clients achieve their objectives in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Our services:

The ever-expanding reliance on technology and globalization of the business world has demanded an increasingly mobile workforce and the hiring of skilled employees from outside domestic borders. The process of hiring of adequate workforce from abroad is complicated by increasingly restrictive regulations arising out of national security concerns. We focus on leading employers through what can often be a complex, barrier filled process of accepting new hires inbound to the United States, or relocating talented executives and other workers.

In US Immigration law, timing and foresight are critical to the achievement of your goals, particularly when visas must be obtained for families moving with school aged children, or an employer needs an employee to start working in the US by a fixed date. Timing is always an issue. When can the individual apply? When can they relocate? When must they extend status? In what instance and when can they leave the country? By what time must they leave? How long does the status last? Because of the nature of US immigration laws and regulations, counsel must often provide foresight months, and sometimes years in advance.

Whether your stay in the US is of a temporary or permanent nature, we provide thorough and knowledgeable immigration counsel. We advise clients to take full advantage of the many visa categories developed by the US legislature, including the notable B, E, H, K, L, O, R and TN categories, and through labor certification and the full range of employment immigrant visa options, including visas for multinational managers and executives, outstanding researchers, extraordinary ability individuals, and EB-2 and EB-3 priority workers. We lead our clients through family-based permanent resident processing, and through naturalization processing. We advise on and prepare filings to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and assist in preparation of various documents needed to facilitate immigrant and non-immigrant visa processing through US embassies and consulates abroad. Our practice is result-driven, meaning that we are committed to providing these services on a cost-effective and rapid response basis.

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