Our process in immigration cases:

Each immigration case is different, in that, while the visa category and it’s requirements may be the same, the facts are evaluated and documented on a case-on-case basis. As a guideline to our services, we provide our client with the following general outline of what to expect in the process:

– We hold an initial consultation in person or over the phone to determine your eligibility to a particular visa category and answer any questions you may have. We routinely work with clients in the U.S. and around the world through international calls and videoconferencing.
– We send you an engagement letter which clearly enumerates our services and fees (the letter is easy to read to understand without unnecessary legal jargon, it clearly explains what we set out to do for you, and how much we expect it to cost).
– You return the engagement letter signed confirming our representation of you with initial payment.
– We begin working on the case and send you requests for documents we will require to complete you application, in this step we work closely with you to gather necessary information and to counsel you on outstanding questions.
– We complete the application and send the complete application for you to review and sign. In this way each client has the opportunity to see what was prepared on their behalf and review all information.
– Once we receive your final approval and signatures, we forward the application to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services – USCIS, provide you with a tracking number, and diligently keep you informed of any update on your case, or any communication from USCIS.

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