USCIS Announces Nationwide Trial Process to Redesign Naturalization Test

USCIS announced today that it will conduct a nationwide trial of proposed changes to the naturalization test. The trial will include changes to the English-speaking portion of the test, as well as updates to the civics portion of the test in terms of content and format. The reading and writing portions of the test will not be affected by the trial, as they are already standardized. This redesign of the naturalization test and development of the nationwide trial is in response to stakeholder feedback about the standardization and structure of the test, and is consistent with Executive Order 14012, which directs a comprehensive review of the naturalization process.

USCIS will seek approximately 1,500 individuals enrolled in adult education classes to take the trial test, with the help of volunteer community-based organizations (CBOs) that work with immigrant English language learners and lawful permanent residents preparing for naturalization. The results of the trial may be used to support changes to the naturalization test. The trial test is tentatively scheduled to take place during a five-month period in 2023.

The official announcement can be found in the Federal Register:


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