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How Many Times Can I Renew My E-3 Visa?

The E-3 visa is issued 2 years at a time and can be extended “indefinitely” based on guidance published by USCIS and US DOS. However, the matter of extension, though seemingly uncomplicated, is in reality a complex issue.

While an indefinite number of extensions may be granted, U.S. immigration laws and regulations define the E-3 visa as a single-intent, non-immigrant visa.

Single-intent non-immigrant visa applicants must demonstrate to U.S. authorities at application and at entry that their intent is to come to the U.S. temporarily and only for the term of the visa being issued. This means that the holder of an E-3 visa must not have the intent to permanently reside in the United States when applying for or entering the U.S.

So while there is no limit on the total number of years an E-3 visa holder can renew their visa, issues may arise in a scenario where the applicant has renewed their E-3 visa many times with very limited time spent outside the U.S.

Therefore, it is important to plan E-3 status ahead of time. If the E-3 visa holder intends to stay in the U.S. for an extended period, options for adjusting status to permanent residence may be available and should be considered.

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